Cultivate your sound and develop your music. It’s all about preparing the ground so that you can create truly outstanding work. No amount of hard work, money or connections can compensate for average music, so cultivating your sound is essential. We make your recordings the best that they can be through our music development programme.

We will work with you to ensure you are writing material that people want to hear and connect with. We will help to sharpen your approach to writing with feedback and ensure that we achieve the sound that you’re after with your recordings.

Production direction & alignment

With top recording facilities and experienced producers, we create recordings that will impress industry connections and give your fans something they want to stick of repeat.

Studio recording

With a vast experience of releasing records, we can help you get distribution channels lined up and offer advice on how to look after your rights effectively.

Rights management support

Creative Development is not just for beginners. Even the best athletes rely on coaches to stay at the top of their game. Our team work to support artists in honing their skills effectively.

Performance Techniques
Music Production

We teach artists how to be in the right place at the right time by sharing examples of how other acts we’ve worked with have landed deal, big tours and national radio play. We inject our passion for effective promotion into any artist who is open to learning.

How to Get More and Better Gigs
Running a Release Campaign
Social Media Optimisation
Creating a Buzz

Business Development Coaching is a speciality with Sound Consultancy. Artist can learn how to structure and grow their enterprise and the secrets of why most artists fail and only a few truly succeed.

Identifying your Targets
Forming a Business Plan
Rights Management & Intellectual Property
Building a Team

With well defined aims and targets, we work with artists to tell their story to the most relevant connections. Collectively we employ our best efforts to develop a clear plan of attack.

Aims & Targets Consultation
Promotion Plan Formation

We work with artists to create effective promotional tools that cater for the needs of both the fans and industry. With working system in place, daily administration needn’t be a headache.

Video Creation
Electronic Press Kit
Office System & Data Capture Set Up

Making friends and connections is essential in the music industry. With a clear outline of an artists aims and objectives, we connect them with the right people.

Industry Partners (Labels, Publishers, Agents, Management, Sync)
Brand Partners (Brands, Charities)
Access to Funding

We work tirelessly with artists to find opportunities to get them performing in front of fans and industry executives. With a proven track record of opening up great opportunities, we help artists to create a buzz around everything they’re doing.

Live Events & Tour Promotion
Pursuing Gig Opportunities
Showcasing Online and Offline


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